Yusupov Private Tour

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Yusupov Palace
Yusupov Palace
Yusupov Palace

What you will do

This magnificent building is a perfect place to preserve Russia’s history and culture. The trip will teach you about the Russian Empire, one of their most influential royal families as well as pre-Revolutionary life in Russia before it all changed forever!

The Yusupov family is one of the most influential and wealthiest families in Russia. They have had an extensive history with their contributions on both a social level as well as political influence- which led them being among one of more powerful people before the Revolution. Out four palaces are all impressive but without doubt, it’s The Moika Palace where you’ll find its wealthiest decorations due to how many different styles are used during construction from various periods throughout Russian architectural history . This made this palace famous for not only looking great but providing historians valuable insight into just what life might have been like back then!

Your guide will lead you through the sumptuous rooms of an Imperial Russian palace. You’ll lose yourself in its history and discover long forgotten treasures, like private theatres that are still used for performances today!

After the visit to this baroque-style theatre, your guide will help you reenact Grigori Rasputin’s last moments. He was a mysterious figure who became central during Nicholas II’s reign but he died here in 1916 after being assassinate by Yusupov Palace conspirators.

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