Where to find the best ice rinks in Moscow?

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November 18, 2021

Are you wondering where to find the best ice rinks in Moscow?

The climate and landscapes have two faces in Russia: summer and winter. The sight of the city and surrounding campaigns changes entirely.

In winter, you will be amazed by the white and sparkling snow so you can enjoy many specific activities during this period.

What to do in Moscow in winter? How do you enjoy this wintertime? Put on your skates, it’s time for you to discover the best ice rinks in Moscow!

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Rink of the Red Square "гум-Каток"

On the Red Square, a rink is installed during the holiday season (гум-Каток), in general at the beginning of December. This rink belongs to gum, the large shopping center located next to the square.

Even if it remains reduced in size, the view is impregnable on the different monuments that adorn this place known from the whole planet. You will be able to admire the Kremlin as well as the ramparts that surround it, the mausoleum of Lenin, or the Cathedral Saint Basile.

The rink will of course be accompanied by the traditional Christmas market gathering Russian craftsmen from several countries sometimes far distant from Moscow.

This is a good way to discover the regional specialties and folklore while staying in the capital if you do not have enough time to perform long trips.

You will also have the pleasure of tasting the culinary specialties implicated by the happy end-of-year festivities. For children, several representations are organized and you will meet Santa Russian Ded Moroz.

  • The price varies by day and schedules: from 300 to 500 RUB + 300 RUB for the rental of skates
  • Open every day from November 30 to March 9, from 10:00 to 23:30
  • Book your session and skates here• Sessions last 90 minutes: 1 hour of skating and 30 minutes of ice preparation. 450 people maximum per session. The skates are generally of poor quality.

Website: http://gum-katok.ru/?lang=en

Park Gorki

Gorki Park sets up a huge ice rink that since 2017 measures 19,000m². Imagine skating in the middle of the park, between trees in the winter.

The rink is open from mid-November until mid-March. The rink consists of 13 large aisles, a space reserved for ice hockey, another for children, and even an area planned for ice dance.

You can drink a coffee and take a typical Russian snack without even scooting your skates because restaurants line along the circuit. 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

  • from 10AM to 3PM: Children 150 rubles / adult 300 rubles
  • from 5 PM to 11 PM: children 300 rubles/adult 450 rubles

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays

  • from 10AM to 3 PM: Children 200 rubles / adults 500 rubles
  • from 5 PM to 11 PM: Children 250 rubles/adults 600 rubles

Website: https://www.park-gorkogo.com/en/places/234


Warning: there are relatively long queues between each session so take warm clothes

“The country’s main ice rink” This name has been officially attributed to the rink in 2014 by the Russian Book of Records. Not a single rink in the world, can not boast such a rich size and infrastructure.

For more than 50 years, Skating on the VDNH ice rink has been a traditional winter entertainment for the Moscow and the Capital Guests.

VDNH can simultaneously welcome 4500 people on near 20,000m² of land. Instructors are available to help those who are not experts. The rink is decorated each year, making it an ideal point for possible selfie

The list of services, events, and activities is too long to be listed here. We invite you to go to the VDNH site in English to find all the information.

• Tuesday to Friday

  • from 11 AM to 3 PM: Children 150 rubles/adult 300 rubles
  • from 5 PM to 11 PM: Children 200 rubles/adults 450 rubles

• Weekend and public holidays

  • from 11 AM to 3 PM: Children 200 rubles/adults 450 rubles
  • from 5 PM to 11 PM: Children 250 rubles/adults 600 rubles

Website: https://vdnh.ru/en/events/samyy-bezopasnyy-katok-strany/

Sokolniki Park

The ice rink, located on Sokolniki Park Square, is one of the most equipped winter facilities in the capital.

The rink does not depend on weather conditions but is a special mechanism to maintain the ice. Visitors can then enjoy it well before winter frost begins.

The size of the rink is 5,300 m², so there is enough room for everyone to skate comfortably. Those who do not have their skates can rent them on site.

The total number of pairs of skates in rental centers still reaches 1,700. You can choose curly or hockey skates for you and your children.

In the evening, the flanks and the facade of the rink shine thanks to neons to imitate northern lights.

• Simple pricing: 1000 rubles
• Schedule All days from 10 AM to 12 PM

Website: http://park.sokolniki.com/en/

Three free ice rinks in the heart of Moscow

If you prefer a more intimate atmosphere and free activity, go to the pond of patriarchs that is located in the center of Moscow. The public you will encounter will be mainly families because, during the winter, the pond turns into a neighborhood ice rink. It will then be possible to walk without risk on this frozen area, skate, or play hockey.

The pond of Tchistye Prudy will also welcome you as soon as the temperatures will allow the ice to be robust enough, in general close to December. Shows of sound and light are held during the winter which adds a plus to the natural beauty of these two sites. Historically, this pond and the pond of the patriarchs are the two oldest places where local people practice ice skating. The places display a traditional charm and you will immerse in the deep folklore of Moscow.

Enjoy Lake Serebryano-Vinogradnyy Prud (in Russian: Серебряно-Виноградный пруд) which is easily accessible and near the famous Izmailovo market.
Many other ponds exist and wait for you to discover them while strolling in the big metropolis

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