Vorontsovskiye Baths

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November 22, 2021
Vorontsovskiye Baths

The Vorontsovskiye Baths (in Russian: Воронцовские бани) are a Russian bath, one of the oldest and most famous in Moscow. Founded in 1938, this thermal center combines ancient traditions and modern vision in refined decor. It is not uncommon to see the monks of the Novospasski monastery whip their back and take some heat.

Address: Vorontsovskiy Pereulok 5/7, Moscow.

Open every day from 8 AM to 12 PM.

Prices: 900 – 3100 RUB for a session of 3h.

History of the Vorontsovskiye Baths

This bathing center appeared in the last century, in 1938 exactly. It has been erected in a work area, built with wooden barracks.

At the time, it was called a “sanitary washing station”. It was the only place where the inhabitants could wash. Every Saturday, the workers liked to visit the public baths; for many, it was the only possible opportunity to bath.

Despite the fact that the Vorontsov baths were destined for the poor, they were treated with the greatest respect.

The rooms had a chic appearance: they were decorated with mosaics, stucco, tree essences, marble, and bronze. There were two rooms in the baths: one for men and one for women, each of them had a swimming pool and fountains with separate hammams.

The baths have been repaired several times, but the interior decoration has remained in its original form, which adds a particular charm.

Today, there is entertainment for all tastes: classic Russian bath, Finnish sauna, and Turkish hammam.

What does the Vorontsovskiye Baths offer?

The red brick building with the Vorontsovskiye Baths is 2.5 km from the Kremlin in the Taganka District of Moscow.

Through the windows enjoy a magnificent view of the Novospassky monastery – one of the oldest monasteries of Moscow. The baths offer a wide range of services in respect of tradition.

At your disposal, six elite rooms designed for a large number of guests and four comfortable saunas. You will find in the public space for men a basic category and a premium category. For women, a single category is offered. It is also possible to rent private spaces for more privacy.

The real bath lovers will be able to choose Veniks from various kinds: oak and traditional birch, juniper, and fir with the virtues of healing, as well as various brushes based on aromatic herbs. You will also find a panel of massage services.

The Vorontsov baths also offer restoration possibilities. You can enjoy typical dishes from Russian cuisine. There are fewer tourists than the famous Sanduny baths, Vorontsovskiye Baths remains nevertheless very popular amongst Russians.

С лёгким паром * * Saying used to address a person coming out of the banya, and literally meaning “May the steam light be with you.” 

• Open from Tuesday to Friday from 10 AM to 12 PM and on weekends from 8 AM

• Price: 2100 RUB – 3100 RUB depending on time and days. Free for children

Website: https://vorontsovskie-bani.ru/

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