Varshavskie Baths

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November 22, 2021
Varshavskie Baths

Built in 1938, the Russian baths of Varshavskie are one of the oldest in Moscow. It is said that it is the second-best banya in the city with four floors including a restaurant and a spa. It is interesting to note that it is possible to rent mixed private banyas. The prices are attractive but note that there is no swimming pool.

Address Varshavskoe Street 34, Moscow.

Open from 9 AM to 11 PM.

Pricing varies by category from 1900 to 2100 RUB for a session of 3 hours.

We consider this banya as the second-best in Moscow, right after Sanduny. Here you are in the typical Russian tradition; the atmosphere is unique, jovial, and relaxing—a perfect place to have a good time with friends or even with customers.

History Varshavskie Baths

The Varshavskie baths (in Russian: Варшавские бани) are one of the oldest ones in Moscow, built in 1938.

The baths occupy a large building: on the ground floor, there is a restaurant, on the second floor – the men section, in the third – the women section and the fourth – the baths mixed.

When rebuilt, it was important to preserve everything for which traditional Russian banya lovers go to the public baths while modernizing the infrastructure and the design of the complex.

The best architects and designers have been involved in the development of the project. Environmentally friendly natural materials have been used – wood, stone, ceramic.

Here, customers will be offered a choice among the widest range of well-being and spa services, ranging from steam aromatherapy to the most exotic cosmetics masks.

For those who can not imagine a bath without a good venik (tree branches), you will find them for all tastes: oak, birch, juniper, eucalyptus.

What does the Banya Varshavskie offer?

In addition to public baths, Bania Varshavskie offers private VIP halls, a very good restaurant, a spa, and a beauty studio. Bania Varshavskie

• Open every day from 9 AM to 11 PM and from 8 AM on weekends

• Price: 2000 RUB – 2100 RUB depending on the days. Preferential rates for the elderly, young people, and students. Free for children.

• Rental of private rooms: 6,000 RUB – 21,000 RUB for 3 hours



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