Sanduny Baths

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November 23, 2021
Sanduny Baths

The Sanduny baths (in Russian: Сандуновские бани) opened their doors in 1808. It is the best Banya in Moscow. 

This makes it one of the oldest complexes still active. Inside you will find a men’s and women’s bath complex, a beauty salon, a spa, a restaurant, and laundry. 

Concretely it is possible to spend a whole day without getting bored. Attendance is high all year long and especially evenings and weekends, even if prices are high. 

Sanduny baths remain a unique experience not to miss just for the extraordinary setting of an authentic Russian Bania.

You can bring your own bathrobe, towel, slippers, soap, and “venik” to save some money because the slightest request will be charged. It is possible to visit the Sandunov baths in an excursion only on Tuesday after 4 PM.

  • Address: Neglinaya Ulitsa 14/4, Moscow
  • Open from 8 AM to 11 PM
  • Price varies from 1200 to 3300 RUB for a 3h session

This bathing institution is legendary in Russia; if you have not visited the Banya Sanduny, you have not visited Russia.

History of the Sanduny Baths

The Court of Empress Catherine II actors Sila Sandunov and Elizaveta Uranova received diamonds as a gift for their marriage. With these stones, they bought land on the Neglinnaya River to build residential neighborhoods and shops. But quickly, it was decided to build baths.

 In 1808, the construction was over. The popularity of the baths increased from year to year; they have fully preserved their state even after the war and the fire of 1812. The baths were sold at the end of the 19th century to the merchant Ivan Firsanov. 

His daughter restored the building in 1894 with the help of the architect, Boris Freidenberg. The opening of the new Sanduny has been a major event in Moscow’s social life. 

The names of the baths have not changed because it was widely known and became a familiar name. The eclectic facades of the three-story palace consist of baroque style elements, Rococo, Renaissance, Gothic and classic. 

The interiors of the baths are luxuriously decorated and compete with the best hotels. The materials used come from all over Europe: Norwegian and Italian marble, tiles and slabs of England, Germany, and Switzerland. 

The Sanduny has become a model of the bath industry through advanced engineering systems. The bathwater came from the dam of Babyegorodskaya along particular water conduct connected to the Moscow River and a 200-meter artesian well. Electric lighting was powered by its own central (in 1896, its electricity had been borrowed to illuminate the coronation of Nicolas II). 

The baths were designed for all but respected people with different incomes and statuses. The prices in the general departments ranged from 5 to 50 kopecks (3 to 30 $ today), according to the category, while the upper class could reach the 5 rubles (the equivalent of $150 today). 

In 1944 the baths were restored and modernized. Since 1991, they have been selected in the state register as a monument of the architecture of the city of Moscow.

What do Sanduny Baths offer?


The living room, the 13 rooms (from 4 to 8 places), and the fireplace room (designed for 15-20 people) can accommodate 120 people at a time.

Each room has its unique interior. In addition to the spacious Gothic-style room, there is a comfortable Turkish room, surprising by its motifs, an antique pool, and a room with fireplace, made in the style of the end of the Empire. 

• Open every day from 8 AM to 11 PM except Tuesday • Price: 2800 RUB – 3300, 1400 Rub for Children 

• Rental of private rooms: 5,600 Rub – 15,000 RUB for 2 hours 

• Hammam 1800 RUB for 15 minutes Second class

Second class

 The second class is modern and luxuriously discreet style. Separate comfortable rooms, a large steam room, two pools, icy water fountains – all of this makes it an ideal place for relaxation and working meetings. 

• Open every day from 8 AM to 10 PM except Tuesday 

• Price: from 2200 RUB to 2600 RUB, 1300 Rub for Children • Rental of private rooms: 4.000 Rub – 11,000 RUB for 2 hours 

Third class 

An interior of the simplest characterizes the third class. The common room is designed to receive 100 people at a time. Despite the apparent simplicity, this category has become a favorite place for enthusiasts. 

• Open every day from 8 AM to 10 PM except Tuesday • Price: 1800 Rub to 2000 RUB, 1000 Rub for Children • Rental of private rooms: 5,000 Rub – 6,000 RUB for 2 hours 

• Hammam 1800 RUB for 15 minutes



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