Night city tour Saint Petersburg

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Saint Petersburg Bridge
Church of the Savior on Blood Saint Petersburg
Boat Saint Petersburg Night

What you will do

Strolling through Saint Petersburg at night on board a Soviet van is the perfect way to explore this vibrant city. It will give you insight into what it’s like for locals who want to experience more than just attractions, without anything getting in their way or distracting them from seeing everything that should be seen!

The classic Soviet van will take you on a festive and friendly cruise through Saint Petersburg. With your drink in hand, it’s time to explore this ” Venice of the North!” You’ll encounter no less than 12 key sites that have marked Russian history including Peter The Great, Lenin & more!

You will be accompanied by your personal tour guide on the trip, who is there to answer any questions and enlighten each landmark according to what interests you. There are 8 stops at main sights which offer opportunities for picturesque scenery as well rest breaks so that everyone can enjoy their vacation properly! Once they drop off people in towns or near hotels after arrival back home – this way guests get a chance at some much needed relaxation too before heading out again soon enough.

The Kazan Cathedral · The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood · The Hermitage and the Palace Square · Vasilyevsky Island and its unforgettable view over the city · The Aurora cruiser · The Tsar Summer Garden · Mikhailovsky Palace · Saint Isaac’s Cathedral · The Nevsky Avenue · The Great Gostiny Dvor · The city shipyard and some more surprises along the Leytenanta Shmidta embankment.

What's included

Hotel pickup


Soviet van transport

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