Moscow Tank Tour

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Tank Ride Moscow
Tank Ride Moscow
Tank Ride Moscow

What you will do

Welcome to Russia, where anything and everything is possible—especially riding on a tank. Join our Soviet van for an entire afternoon of all-inclusive Russian fun!

Park Patriot is the perfect place to test your driving skills before you ride on two iconic Soviet armored vehicles (BMP-1 and/or BTR). The simulator lets visitors experience what it feels like behind the wheel of an impressive T-80 tank.

Along the way, hone your skills while a drill sergeant shouts commands at you. You may not understand him or want to impress him with any of these tasks but it’s important that if one wants success in this competitive world they must put their all into everything – even something as seemingly menial and irrelevant as grenade launching technique!

For many, this is the best part of any day.
Afterwards they’ll take another shot of vodka and enjoy their army field lunch provided before moving on to their next activity.

What's included

Hotel pickup


Soviet van transport

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