Moscow Shooting Tour

From $90

2 hours

Shooting Tour Moscow
Shooting Tour Moscow
Shooting Tour Moscow

What you will do

Shoot like a pro and feel like one too!

The professional shooting range is only 3 stores underground in an old Soviet beer factory. You’ll get to fire off some iconic Russian arms, all while making the experience genuine for yourself by experiencing this historic environment first hand.

You’ll be able to keep your target as a souvenir of this shooting in Moscow!

We bring to the tip of your trigger finger…

1) The Yarygin Pistol – Since 2003, the standard sidearm for Russian military and law enforcement. Replacing the Makarov. Caliber 9mm

2) The Kalashnikov AK-47 – Legendary Russian military weapon, in service 1949-1974. Its powerful 7.62×39 rounds will shake your foundations.

3)  The Dragunov sniper rifle – Still in service today for more than 50 years, this semi-automatic rifle can hit a target 1,3km away! With its 7.62×54 rounds, every trigger pull will deliver you a nice adrenaline shot!

What's included

Hotel pickup

Soviet van transport

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