Lenin's Mansion Tour

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5 hours

Lenin's Mansion
Lenin's Statue
Lenin's Statue

Join the tour and enjoy a private transfer in a car from Moscow to Leninskie Gorki for an exclusive view of this beautiful place that is just 20 kilometers away!

In the village of Gorki, discover with your guide a historic estate that was once home to Lenin after his assassination attempt in 1918 by Nelly Kaplan. Later because he deteriorated further and permanently settled there until his death ten years later–this land had been held by various noble families since 18th century Russia! Today you can still feel their presence; it’s full or history yet waiting for its next chapter .

He will guide you in this charming museum where the famous Bolshevik leader, Vladimir Lenin is on display. You can admire many of his personal belongings including an apartment from Moscow’s Kremlin that has been transferred to one pavilion when it was not used anymore for ceremonies or meetings.
The garage behind us contains some very interesting items worth seeing such as a Rolls Royce wheelchair.

The estate also houses a stalovaia (a Russian canteen) where you can find affordable food.




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