Immersion in Trans-Siberian

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14 Days

Moscow Red Square
Traditional Russian food

What you will do

Moscow · Kazan · Ekaterinburg · Novossibirsk · Irkutsk · Baikal Lake · Ulan-Ude · Khabarovsk · Vlavidostok

The Trans-Siberian is a mythical journey through Russia. Thanks to the chartered train “Imperial Russia”, you benefit from all the magic of this circuit, while enjoying a comfort clearly superior to that of regular trains. No need to carry your luggage at each stage, your train stops at the same time as you to allow you serene visits. On board, a French-speaking guide will accompany you throughout the duration of the circuit to appreciate even more the great and small moments of the trip.

What's included




Your itinerary

Day 1
Lenin mausoleum and Kremlin


Welcome to Moscow!

Your driver welcomes you at the airport…

Arrival in Moscow. Your driver welcomes you at the airport and drives you to the hotel.
Night at the hotel.

Day 2
Moscow Kremlin Churches



Moscow City Tour

After breakfast, city tour of Moscow, then visit of the Kremlin: you enter what is called the “territory” of the Kremlin, seat of power in Russia for centuries and visit some of the sumptuous cathedrals it houses.
Walk along the famous Arbat Street, visit the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and impressive metro stations.
Installation in your train, “Imperial Russia” and departure for Kazan. Night in the Trans-Siberian.

Day 3



In the morning you reach Kazan, the capital of the Tatars…

In the morning you reach Kazan, the capital of the Tatars. After a long city tour, you will discover the old town and the Kremlin (Russian generic term designating a fortress seat of power) classified as World Heritage by Unesco. Then you attend a folklore show called “Tugan Avalim” (“the native village”) telling a Tatar epic.
Lunch allows you to discover the secrets of regional cuisine.
Continuation of the train journey in the evening. Night in the Trans-Siberian.

Day 4



After crossing the Urals, your train arrives at Yekaterinburg…

After crossing the Urals, your train arrives at Yekaterinburg station. The city tour is centered on the theme of “The Last Days of the Last of the Russian Tsars”, since it was in Yekaterinburg that Nicolas II and his family were assassinated in 1918.
Visit of the city, whose historic center was renovated in 2009, then of the Cathedral of the Redemption which commemorates the murder of the family of Nicolas II and of the Monastery built where the bodies were discovered.
After lunch, you will discover the obelisk which marks the border between the two continents of Europe and Asia.
Then the journey continues through the steppes of western Siberia. Night in the Trans-Siberian.

Day 5



You reach Novosibirsk, the heart of Siberia.

On this fifth day, you reach Novosibirsk, the heart of Siberia.
During the city tour you will discover this typically Soviet city bordered by the Ob, and in particular its railway museum, its Opera House, and its old quarters.
Departure of the train in the evening. Your cooks on board offer you their specialty. Night in the Trans-Siberian.

Day 6
Trans-Siberian train


On board

You cross the Yenisei…

The train, where you start to take your marks, continues on its way.
You cross the Yenisei, advance through birch forests, cross small idyllic villages and impressive mountainous landscapes.
Scheduled vodka tasting. Night in the Trans-Siberian.

Day 7
Soldat monument Irkutsk



Irkutsk, the capital of Eastern Siberia.

During this day you travel to Irkutsk, the capital of Eastern Siberia.
During a city tour with your local guide to admire among others the Museum of the Decembrists, the House of Europe also called “the lace house”, representative of the houses adorned with wooden sculptures for which Irkutsk is famous, as well as the most beautiful streets of old quarters such as Bolchaya Prospektnaya.
After lunch in a restaurant in the city, you set off for a visit to the “Taltsy” Ethnographic Museum, on the picturesque banks of the Angara river (about 35 km).
Back to Irkutsk, you will have free time in District 130 – “Irkutskaya Sloboda”. This district is a replica of houses dating from the 19th and early 20th centuries
Dinner in town, then departure from Irkutsk. Night in the Trans-Siberian.

Day 8


Baikal Lake

Arrival at Port Baikal…

Arrival at Port Baikal. You travel by boat to the small village of Listvyanka on the shores of Lake Baikal, the largest freshwater reservoir in the world.
If the weather permits, you take advantage of this stopover for a meal in the form of a rustic picnic in the Taiga on the shore.
You then appreciate the beauty of the site from the Tchersky Rock, an observation deck offering the most beautiful view of the southern part of the lake and the source of the Angara river, and discover the Lake Baikal museum, which presents the fauna. and the flora of the region. After a short city tour of Listvyanka, visit to the Irkutsk fish and handicrafts market.
Overnight in the Trans-Siberian.

Day 9



Arrival in the city of Ulan-Ude

Arrival in the city of Ulan-Ude, an important crossroads for trade between Russia, Mongolia and China.
A city tour allows you to discover the capital of Buryatia, whose population presents a great ethnic and cultural diversity.
Visit to religious centers: Dastan Ivolginsky, Hodegetria Cathedral and the Church of the Holy Trinity.
You are then welcomed into a Buryat family, during an excursion that takes you to the yurts. A small folklore show is then presented to you.
Your hosts will explain to you how they prepare their traditional “Pozy” dish, how they lead their herds, assemble or dismantle their yurts, and wear their traditional clothes.
Night on the train.

Day 10
Trans-Siberian train


On board

The last section of the Trans-Siberian which covers almost 3600 km…

Day and night on the train to Vladivostok. The last section of the Trans-Siberian which covers almost 3600 km, more than the distance between Moscow and Ulan Ude. In the evening, our chefs offer you their specialty “La table des Tsars”. You taste two essentials of Russian gastronomy: vodka and red caviar.

Day 11
Trans-Siberian train


On board

Relaxing day crossing Russia’s “wild east”

Relaxing day crossing Russia’s “wild east” – the province that has always had its own rules. Nature scrolls past your window, you enjoy the landscapes sipping tea prepared by your “provodnitsa”. You live to the rhythm of this mythical train dreamed by Tsar Alexander III to link his empire from East to West.

Day 12



Arrival in Khabarovsk…

Arrival in Khabarovsk. You will enjoy its location on the banks of the Amur river. The city is lined with pretty buildings dating from the Tsarist era. In the first part of the day you will visit the Territorial Museum which is housed in a beautiful red brick building from 1984. The museum offers an above-average quality exhibition on indigenous cultures. After lunch you will take a boat trip with a folklore show.

Day 13



Arrival in Vladivostok in the morning…

Arrival in Vladivostok in the morning. You set off for the Vladivostok tour including the city’s main attraction: the panoramic view of Tokarev Lighthouse – at the entrance to Vladivostok harbor, on the Sea of ​​Japan. You will admire the ferry terminal and the train station. The central square with the Monument to the Fighters, the historic center of Vladivostok, Svetlanskaya Avenue, the Triumphal Arch built by Tsar Nicholas II, Korabelnaia Naberejnaia, the S-56 Submarine Museum, the funicular, “The Eagle’s Nest ”- hill constituting the highest point of downtown Vladivostok, from where one has a breathtaking view of the bridge and the city. Vladivostok Marina and Fortress Museum. Visit to the Regional Museum, Orthodox Church.

After lunch you set off to explore Rousski Island. You will cross two huge bridges across the Golden Horn Bay and the Eastern Bosphorus Strait. Ile Rousski has been open for residents of Primorié and for travelers for a short time. You have the chance to admire a great international business center, where important summits will take place, the Campus of the Federal University of the Far East, which united four major universities of Vladivostok, and from where we have a breathtaking view of the shores of Primorié with hills, forests, picturesque coastal landscapes and bays. Night at the hotel.

Day 14
Yuri Gagarine


End of trip

Transfer to the airport

End of the trip, transfer from the hotel to the airport.

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  • Balance payment one month before departure
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  • Between 19 and 13 days, the fee equals 35 %
  • Between 12 and 9 days, the fee equals 60 %
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