Immersion in Moscow

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6 Days

Moscow, Red, Square
Moscow Red Square
Cruise on the Moskva River

What you will do

From the tunnels that run beneath the bustling streets of Moscow to the rocket-packed pavilions tucked away in public parks, relics of Soviet-era Russia can be found throughout its capital.

We’ll explore nuclear bunkers, visit a city devoted to cosmonautics, and stroll through Red Square, learning about the region’s political history from the revolution to the end of the Cold War.

We’ll also try our hand at Soviet arcade games and chat with cosmonauts to get a sense of the daily joys, sorrows, and preoccupations of Russians under the communist regime—learning about both the Soviet era’s great achievements and reign of terror.

Between deep historical dives, cosmic revelations, and sobering discoveries, we’ll take some time to recharge, visiting a Russian banya, attending a classical concert, and chowing down at a popular Soviet canteen.

Those wishing to continue exploring can join us for a three-day extension where we’ll delve deeper into the devastation caused by the Red Terror and head to the countryside by train.

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Day 1
Rabochiy i Kolkhoznitsa Sculpture


Discovering the Soviet Empire

Welcome to Moscow, Russia’s cosmopolitan capital…

Welcome to Moscow, Russia’s cosmopolitan capital that functioned as the former seat of the Soviet empire for more than 70 years.

After settling in at the hotel, we’ll meet up and venture to the “center of Russia,” the bronze, zero-kilometer marker from which all distances in the country are traditionally measured.

From there, we’ll head into Red Square—an open expanse of cobblestone surrounded by stunning architecture.

An indelible symbol of the former Soviet Union, the square still hosts the nation’s annual military show, which features thousands of troops and columns of tanks parading in a display reminiscent of the zeitgeist of the Atomic Age.

After taking some time to explore Revolution Square, we’ll hop into an old-school van and set out to unearth relics of the Soviet communist regime scattered across the city.

We’ll visit a monument dedicated to the cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, as well as the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, a church with many lives—first as a church, which was razed by Stalin to be replaced with government buildings that never materialized, then turned into what was once the world’s largest open-air swimming pool, and, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, transformed into a new church. 

We’ll wrap up our first day at a restaurant in Lubyanka Square—just down the street from the ex-KGB headquarters—and toast to the adventures ahead of us.

Day 2
Metro station Komsomolskaya is a great monument of the Soviet era


Moscow’s Underground City

This morning, take some time to explore the neighborhood…

This morning, take some time to explore the neighborhood and its many lovely cafes. After breakfast on your own, we’ll reconvene and descend into Moscow’s “Underground Palace,” the city’s spectacular tunnel system, casting an ear to the local lore that still haunts these subterranean streets.

We’ll wind our way through the tunnels until we arrive at the Cold War Museum tucked away inside Bunker 42, a secret fortress carved out for Stalin himself when it was believed that Russia was on the precipice of nuclear war.

After a tour and lunch in the bunker, we’ll continue our underground journey to Bunker 703, declassified in 2018 and, aside from the occasional exhibition and electronic party hosted here, still relatively unknown to the public.

We’ll reemerge and end the day in Zamoskvorechye, one of the oldest districts in the city, where we’ll glimpse Russian Orthodox churches, well-known theaters, and buildings dating back to the 14th century.

Tonight, we’ll head to a restaurant serving Georgian food, a widely popular cuisine thanks to the large Georgian diaspora living in Russia.

Day 3
Lenin mausoleum and Kremlin


The Founding Myths of Soviet Society

Today we’ll delve into the origins of the Soviet Union…

Today we’ll delve into the origins of the Soviet Union, tracing the stories of the people, places, and events that catapulted the union into existence.

After breakfast, we’ll visit Lenin’s Mausoleum, which houses the embalmed body of the prominent Soviet Union leader whose political and revolutionary influence rippled far beyond Russian borders, with various parties and movements across the globe adopting his ideologies.

Just behind the mausoleum, we’ll find the Kremlin Wall Necropolis that serves as the final resting ground for several other prominent Soviet Union figures, including Leonid Brezhnev, Iosef Stalin, Sergey Korolev, and Yuri Gagarin.

After lunch at a quintessential Soviet restaurant in Red Square, we’ll head to Victory Park for stunning views of the cityscape below.

Honoring the Great Patriotic War, fought between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany during WWII, the park is replete with commemorative fountains, statues, and memorials.

To contextualize what we’ve seen, we’ll tour the War Memorial Museum, which houses Soviet-era tanks and military aircrafts, among other heavy weapons.

Upon returning to the hotel, the rest of the evening will be yours to explore the city on your own.

For those interested, our hosts will lead an optional excursion to a traditional Russian banya for dinner, drinks, relaxation, and good conversation.

Day 4
Yuri Gagarine


Soviet Space Odyssey

we’ll set out to explore Moscow through an astronomical lens…

After a relaxing breakfast overlooking the Red Square, we’ll set out to explore Moscow through an astronomical lens.

We’ll jet off to the Monument to the Conquerors of Space, a massive, rocket-shaped obelisk tattooed with engravings of scientists, workers, and cosmonauts.

We’ll tour a street lined with busts of some of the most important Soviet cosmonauts in history known as Cosmonauts’ Alley, then descend to the base of the obelisk.

Here, we’ll enjoy a guided tour of the Cosmonautics Museum, which offers a retrospective glimpse into the evolution of space exploration.

Among the museum’s many treasures, artifacts, and relics, we’ll spot Gagarin’s space suit and a life-size model of the Soviet orbital station MIR.

Lunch today will be at VDNKh, an exposition, museum, and sprawling recreational complex.

We’ll gather around the People’s Friendship Fountain, which features sculptures of 16 young women dressed in the national costumes of each former Soviet republic.

Later, we’ll set out to explore the Space Pavilion—packed with rockets, landing capsules, and explorable space stations—and Pavilion 52, home to the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines. Try your hand at commanding a submarine in Morskoi Boi, or try your luck at a Soviet pinball machine.

We’ll wrap up the evening with a delicious visit to a popular Soviet-era canteen, or cheburechnaya. Sample steaming bowls of borscht, the famous Ukrainian soup made of beetroot; hearty pelmenis, Russian-style ravioli; deep-fried chebureki, meat-filled turnovers; or plov, a beloved Central Asian dish of rice and meat.

After dinner, we’ll stop by the legendary Tchaikovsky Classical Concert Hall for a spellbinding concert in homage to the famed Soviet composer.

Day 5
Russian Cosmonaut



After lunch, we’ll regroup for an adventure to Star City…

Take the morning and afternoon to relax, explore, and start saying goodbye to Moscow at your leisure. 

After lunch, we’ll regroup for an adventure to Star City—home to a top-secret cosmonaut training facility absent from any map until 2008. We’ll make our way to the training center where cosmonauts such as Yuri Gagarin cut their teeth. 

Though the city has changed very little since its conception in 1959, the center continues to train cosmonauts and astronauts. We’ll tour the Soyuz spaceship mission simulation and control rooms, the training room focused on International Space Station exercises, and the world’s largest centrifuge facility. 

Most notably, we’ll have the chance to chat with cosmonauts-in-training about their experiences, and view a training session. 

In the evening, we’ll come back down to Earth and head into downtown Moscow for a final meal together, followed by drinks at a beloved haunt in Chistye Prudy, where we’ll raise a glass to all that we’ve learned.

Day 6
Two Russian soviet senior women



Transfer to airport…

After nearly a week of probing Russia’s Soviet history—from the depths of Moscow’s subterranean tunnels to the mysteries of space—it’s time to say farewell and head to the airport.

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