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Hermitage Museum Saint Petersburg
Hermitage Museum Saint Petersburg
Hermitage Museum Saint Petersburg

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While in St. Petersburg, the Hermitage should be at least one of your destinations. Whether you’re visiting palaces or collections they house; this museum has something for everyone with centuries-old artifacts to modern impressionistic paintings by masters like Monet and van Gogh!

The Hermitage is a museum that houses more than three million items, from antiquities to the impressive collection by impressionist artists. The former residence of Czars in 1711 was destroyed and rebuilt after an 1837 fire but now contains some if its finest artworks which are both Russian Baroque-style as well as Impressionistic thanks largely due to Nicolas I’s reconstruction efforts
The output should be tailored for those reading who would find this article interesting. The Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg is a must-see for any visitor. The palaces that make up this historic site are works of art on their own, and designed to show off exceptional examples from both Western and Russian schools throughout history.

With your guide, you will travel along the banks of the Neva to discover the most beautiful rooms of the museum, as well as Russian and European masterpieces. Among the numerous objects displayed and the 1000 exhibition rooms, your guide will introduce works known world-wide to you, including ‘The Madonna and the Infant and St. John the Baptist’ by Leonardo da Vinci, ‘The Conestabile Madonna’ by Raphael, and ‘Three Men at a Table’ by Velazquez. You will not only learn more about these works, but also about other collections initiated by the Empress Catherine II on the advice of the French philosopher Denis Diderot, and the history of The Hermitage, the seat of Imperial power.

Because of its history and its collections, the Hermitage is without doubt an absolutely essential tour during any visit to the Venice of the North, and is not to be missed for any reason!

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