Dog-Trekking near Moscow

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8 hours

Dog Trekking Moscow
Dog Trekking Moscow
Dog Trekking Moscow

What you will do

You will be shown the true nature of Russia North by meeting its inhabitants: Huskies. You’ll take a kayak tour and learn how to survive in harsh conditions while out on an adventure with 100+ dogs!

Meet your guide at the hotel in morning and then head off on a minibus to go outside Moscow for an unforgettable adventure. Your destination point is one of Russia’s biggest dog kennels, located by picturesque riverside with plenty more dogs just waiting to be trained!

Once you have arrived in the village, an expert will be waiting to welcome you. They are passionate about this breed for more than ten years and they will share their love with all newcomers during your visit! Together we can go meet these beautiful dogs before getting started on our tour of what makes northern huskies so unique-their adventurous lives next great explorers alongside them.

When you enter the kennel, every single dog will be eager to show its love for humans. Hug as many of them as possible and take pictures with all 100+ huskies in this huge enclosure! After your time here has passed however, each person can choose one loyal friend they fancy most.

OPTION A – 5-km dog-trekking tour (capacity – up to 25 people) / 4h on-site + 3h road:

Accompanied by professional “kayur” (dog-sled leader) and a guide, you will go for a 5-km hike in the heart of a forest alongside the Moscow river. Each member of the group will have a husky, strapped to his back with a rope. The dogs themselves will be choosing the route and be guiding you through natural landscapes. This summer activity is extremely popular with Russian dog-lovers as it allows people to unite with animals. Once back, you will visit the farm and feed geese, chickens, black Vietnamese pigs and goats that will also be happy to play with you!

OPTION B – 6-km dog-trekking tour + 6-km kayaking (capacity – up to 10 people) / 6h on-site + 3h road:

You will go on a unique tour, which has no alternatives in Russia, where both dog-trekking experience and kayaking are done together. After a 6-km hike with the dogs and professional kayurs you reach the checkpoint, where you will be able to swim in the river and to enjoy a little lunch (each person receives a backpack with a bottle of water, juice, an apple, a chocolate bar and cookies). At the checkpoint you will meet the kayaking instructors who will teach how to ride kayaks. Right after that you will start 6-km way back on kayaks on Moscow river, observing wonderful nature around. 

When your trip is done, Natalia will welcome you to enjoy a traditional Russian meal with hot herbal tea and freshly cooked “oladushki” (Russian pancakes). 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This tour requires special clothing, in order to make this experience more comfortable for you:

– For 5-km dog-trekking please wear pants and comfortable shoes

– For 6-km trekking + kayaking, apart from comfortable shoes and pants, please bring swimsuits, slippers and extra T-shirts (you will change at the checkpoint) 

What's included

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