Cruise on Baikal Lake

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10 Days

Cruise boat Baikal Lake

What you will do

You are sailing on Lake Baikal, the largest freshwater reserve in the world known as the “Pearl of Siberia”. On board your special boat, the Imperia 4 *, you will discover this enchanting site that the Buryats consider to be a sacred sea. Your excursions and hikes in the heart of a wild and unspoiled nature reveal its grandiose landscapes and its secret corners.

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Your itinerary

Day 1
Irkutsk Alexander III monument


Welcome to Baikal!

Night flight to Irkutsk…

Night flight to Irkutsk. You spend the night on the plane and arrive the next day in Irkutsk. The flight lasts 6 hours and the time difference between Moscow and Irkutsk is 5 hours

Day 2



Morning arrival in Irkutsk…

Morning arrival in Irkutsk. Reception at the airport by your English-speaking guide and your driver.

Departure for a guided tour of Irkutsk: you will discover the central square, the monument to Victory, the Church of St. Savior and that of the Epiphany, the quay of the Angara on which the monument in honor is erected. of Alexander III. You walk in the alleys of the old quarters lined with wooden houses. Lunch in the city restaurant.

At the beginning of the afternoon, departure towards the village of Listvyanka, a pleasant village on the edge of the Baikal, 70 km from Irkutsk. (Your luggage remains on the bus, you will find it on board the boat). Visit of the Lake Museum where you get to know the nierpas, endemic freshwater seals. The aquarium offers you a virtual dive into the depths of Baikal.

You then board the Alexandre Velikiy 3 * and meet the crew of the boat. Dinner on the boat and tasting of vodka and regional liqueurs.

Day 3
Olkhon Island


Ogoi Island – Olkhon Island

Early in the morning you arrive at Ogoï Island…

Early in the morning you arrive at Ogoï Island, one of the largest in the Strait of Maloye More. It is dominated by a Buddhist stupa called the “clarification stupa”. This is one of the very rare examples of a stupa in Russia. Legend has it that he fulfills the wishes of pure-hearted pilgrims.

You continue towards the largest of the Lake Islands, the one called “the pearl of the lake” or “the heart of Baikal”: Olkhon Island. It stretches over 71 km and offers an impressive wealth of landscapes: steppes, beaches, marble rocks, hills and wide cliffs make it a particularly impressive place.

After lunch, you will discover the Khoujir village: you will walk there to the Bourkhan rock, the “Abode of the God of the lake”, a sacred site for Buddhists as well as for shamanists.

Dinner on the boat. Free time.

Day 4
Uchkany Islands


Uchkany Islands

Your boat leaves for Tchivourky Bay…

The boat is heading towards the eastern coast of Lake Baikal. Optional: in the morning an excursion to the Ushkany Islands is offered. With a bit of luck, you might be able to spot seals (€ 30 per person).

Your boat leaves for Tchivourky Bay. A swim in the bay awaits you or a visit to the hot thermal springs of Zmeinaïa bay known for its healing properties.

Dinner on the boat. Night navigation.

Day 5
Frolikha Lake


Frolikha Lake

Arrival at Lake Frolikha, a magnificent glacial lake…

Arrival at Lake Frolikha, a magnificent glacial lake. You set off for a 4-hour, 14-km hike along Ayaya Bay. This picturesque coast is surrounded by a pine forest and has a pretty sandy beach. Outdoor picnic.

Return to the boat. In good weather, the boat stops in the village of Khakoussy. A seaside resort in the north of Lake Baikal where you can relax in the hot springs (supplement 8 € per person). Dinner on board.

Day 6
Zavorotnaya Bay


Zavorotnaya Bay

Arrival in Zavorotnaya bay famous for fishing…

Arrival in Zavorotnaya bay famous for fishing. A 3km walk (one way) is possible through the larches to observe the surroundings.

Fans can have a fishing competition for your cook to prepare a traditional soup on the fire.

Dinner on board.

Day 7
Olkhon Island


Cap Khoboi

Return to Olkhon Island, to Cape Sagan-Khouchoun…

Return to Olkhon Island, to Cape Sagan-Khouchoun. An excursion to the “Trois frères” rock awaits you during which the guides will tell you about the legends of the lake.

For those who want a 4X4 outing to Cape Khoboi, at the northern end of Olkhon Island, offers an exceptional panoramic view of the natural expanses (steppes, taiga and gulfs). Supplement of $40, to be confirmed before departure.

The day ends at Khoujir village where you take the boat back.

Day 8
Baikal Coast


Western coast of Baikal

You wake up in the idyllic setting of the West Coast of the Lake…

You wake up in the idyllic setting of the West Coast of the Lake. On one side the taiga, cliffs and rocks of various colors, on the other, the vastness of Baikal. The boat anchors at the “Baikal Dunes” site, where you can enjoy an equipped beach.

A final 1.5 km hike takes you to Pestchanaïa Bay (Sable Bay), one of the most astonishing places on the lake: its dune landscapes are dotted with trees that are called “on stilts”, because their roots rise up to 3 meters above the ground.

Lunch at the tourist base. Rest time on the beach.

Bania in the evening with local herbal teas. Farewell dinner on the boat. During the night the boat returns to Listivianka village.

Day 9
Uchkany Islands



After breakfast, you leave the boat and…

After breakfast, you leave the boat and depart by bus to the city of Irkutsk.

A stop is planned at the place where the Angara has its source in the Baikal: it is the only river that leaves the lake, while more than 330 rivers flow into it.

Check-in at the 3 * Irkutsk hotel. Free lunch.

Free time for a personal discovery of the city.

Free dinner. Night at the hotel.

Day 10
Baikal Coast



Transfer to the airport…

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport. Return flight to Moscow.

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General terms and conditions
  •  30% deposit upon reservation
  • Balance payment one month before departure
  • The order of the excursions can be modified according the touristic sites or for any other technical reasons 
  • Non-binding pictures 
Cancellation Policy
  • If the cancellation is made more than 30 days before departure, the fee is 100€ 
  • Between 30 and 20 days before departure, cancellation fee equals 25 % of the total amount of the trip price
  • Between 19 and 13 days, the fee equals 35 %
  • Between 12 and 9 days, the fee equals 60 %
  • If the cancellation is made less than 9 days before departure, the cancellation fee is 100% of the total amount
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