Cathedrals of Saint Petersburg Tour

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3 hours

Church of the Savior on Blood Saint Petersburg
Saint Isaac Cathedral
Church of the Savior on Blood Saint Petersburg

What you will do

With your guide, discover two of the most famous monuments in St. Petersburg: The Cathedrals of Saint Isaac and Savior on Spilled Blood!

You will meet your guide near the Orthodox Cathedral of Saint-Isaac, built in 1887. It was formerly one of Russia’s most important cathedrals and remains an impressive symbol for this historic city with its 102-meter high dome visible from miles around. You’ll be able to explore it all: inside as well as outside on top where there’s breathtaking views.

You then head towards the Cathedral of Saint Savior on Spilled Blood, crossing the city center on foot with your guide. Built on the site where Alexander II was murdered in 1881, this neo-Russian-style cathedral, inspired by Moscow’s St. Basil’s Cathedral, is today one of the most picturesque and visited buildings in Russia.

You and your guide will spend about an hour in each of the two cathedrals, and you will learn more about their history and secrets. This visit is must-do if travelling to St. Petersburg.

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