Traditional Russian food

The most iconic Russian foods

Tasty from the North to the South Russia is a country of many cuisines, from the hearty dishes of the Caucasus to the more refined fare of Central Asia. The different regions also lend themselves to different styles of cooking-the hearty dishes in Siberia are quite unlike those found in Moscow, for example. And while …

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Solo female traveler Russia

What you need to know before traveling alone to Russia

There are many reasons why people prefer traveling alone. Some people enjoy the freedom and independence of traveling on their own, while others find it more relaxing and stress-free than traveling with a group. Solo travelers can also go at their own pace and explore places more thoroughly, without having to worry about keeping up with a larger group. Plus, it can be a great way to meet new people and make friends from all over the world.

Sanduny Baths

Sanduny Baths

The Sanduny baths (in Russian: Сандуновские бани) opened their doors in 1808. It is the best Banya in Moscow.  This makes it one of the oldest complexes still active. Inside you will find a men’s and women’s bath complex, a beauty salon, a spa, a restaurant, and laundry.  Concretely it is possible to spend a …

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The Novodevichye (Russian Новодевичий Монастырь) convent is also called Bogorodite-Smolenski Monastery, (богородице-смоленский монастырь).  Registered at the UNESCO World Heritage since 2004, this is one of the most famous monasteries of Moscow, and although it is not the oldest, it is best preserved.  The convent is a 10-minute walk from Sportivnaya Metro Station near the Moskva …

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Pushkin's Manor in Zakharovo

Pushkin’s Manor in Zakharovo

The places where the greatest Russian poet lived are subject to particular attention. The distant domains of Pskov and Mikhailovskoye have become pilgrimage places for the admirers of the talent of Alexandre Pushkin in the same way as his burial in the monastery of Svyatogorsk.  His last home in St. Petersburg was also transformed into …

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Gai-Kodzor winery

Gai-Kodzor’s vineyard

Gai-Kodzor is a village located near Anapa in the Krasnodar area. It is on this site where Greek sailors founded a distillery in the fifth century BC. The city was active in commerce with many countries and adjacent towns, and wine has always been one of the leading commercial products. The terroir of Gai-Kodzor Today …

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